Perception Lab Louise Delicato



Post-doctoral Researchers

Joanna Wincenciak, February 2015 - March 2017

Research Assistants

Steven Errington, October 2016 - April 2017

Nicole Armstrong, Summer 2016

Elizabeth Dent, Summer 2016 - February 2018

Ann-Louise Downes, Summer 2016

Kamila Roszak-Imiolek, January 2017 - March 2017

Hannah Sobey, Summer 2016 - June 2017

Logan Speight, Summer 2016 - June 2017

Joanne Knowles, Summer 2011

Voluntary Research Assistants

Elizabeth Dent, November 2015 - present

Logan Speight, November 2015 - June 2016

Sarah Smith, January 2015 - July 2015

Sam Winter, Summer 2014

Rosie Mason, Summer 2014

Sam Winter, Summer 2013

John Wheatley, July 2013

Stimulus Generation & Presentation

Stimuli are generated using Matlab and Psychtoolbox routines and presented on a gamma corrected CRT monitor (120Hz refresh rate).  A bits++ digital video processor effectively increases the resolution of the graphics card to 14bit to allow presentation of low contrast stimuli. 

Stereo experiments are conducted using a mirror stereoscope where separate images on the monitor are presented independently to the left and right eyes.  Head position is stabilised using a chin rest.